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Playskool's Star Wars Mr. Potato Head: Darth Tater from the Spud Lord of the Sith series. This Mr. Potato Head style action figure is appropriate for children ages 2+ and can help to develop your child's fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination.

From the back of the box:  "As a Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Tater was once a promising young Jedi who lost his roots!"

Darth Tater also makes a great collector's item given the Star Wars saga's long-standing appeal.  I loved having him stand on the shelf of my office for many years, but space is at a premium these days, and I would much rather someone else get enjoyment from him than having him continue to sit in a box stored in my garage. 

Note: This item is not mint, but it is in very good condition. I removed it from the box after purchasing it, arranged the pieces, and placed him on a shelf. Years later he went back into the box and has been stored in a closet for several more years. He was removed from the box again to be photographed, and placed back into his box, ready to be shipped to a new owner.