Adventure Tree Ornament - Alaska - Matanuska Glacier with Ribbon Hanger

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Alaska is such a fantastic destination to explore, regardless of the season!  It really is a four-season destination, and filled with amazing opportunities for discovery on both land and sea.  Matanuska Glacier is one of those incredible discoveries that I got to enjoy and explore while in Alaska for the Iditarod.  Being able to hike all over a glacier is truly an incredible experience, especially when you're able to go into some of the gorgeous ice caves!  This view is of the glacier from a neighboring mountain's edge near the side of it, and just a tiny glimpse of what it really is. Matanuska Glacier is approximately 27 miles long by 4 miles wide, found about 100 miles northeast of Anchorage.  It is a day trip that is well worth the effort to get there and explore!

This ornament has been crafted with wood, photography, and a ribbon hanger. The image has been sealed to protect it. The seal coating can cause a slight glare when photographing it.