Adventure Coasters - Alaskan Postcards (II)

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Whether you've personally been there or not, these travel themed coasters will inspire new adventures of exploration for the future, or rekindle memories of past adventures you've enjoyed.

This set of coasters features postcard images I collected while on my first cruise voyage to Alaska.

For the past 10 years, I've owned my own travel agency, not just sending clients all over the world, but getting out and experiencing it for myself as well. To date, I've been to five (5) continents and lots of countries. These coasters are made with photography from my travels and would be great for any travel and adventure lover in your home.

The coasters come in a four (4) pack. They have been handmade with three (3) layers of waterproofing and a top layer of additional sealant, and they have a protective backing of felt to make sure that your furniture isn't scratched when you use them.

Size-4.25 x 4.25