Theme Park & Other Treasures

During my adventures traveling around the world, I often find a variety of items that, at the time, make great additions to the overall decor of a room, office, or space.  Very often these items are themed in one way or another.  Many were found in a shop at a theme-park type venue, and others were found at assorted shops or venues here and there, domestic or internationally.  In days gone by some might be called "curios" and would often fill a curio cabinet.  Some might call them dust collectors, while others might call them "must-have" additions to a collection.  And now, I'm calling them treasures that must go out and find new homes, as they make up my Theme Park & Other Treasures Collection.

I have enjoyed these treasures in my home and office for as little as a year or as much as 30 years.  As often happens in many aspects of our lives, I have found that their time has come to move on to different homes and bring joy to other people.  As you browse through the available treasures found in this collection, perhaps you will find something that you want for your own home or office. 

This collection is made up of "one of a kind" items - meaning that I only have one of each, I don't have more, nor can I acquire any more, so once they are gone...they're gone. These are not handmade items.  They were purchased elsewhere and I'm simply reselling them.  I have no way to get any more as most of them are discontinued items from their original source.  Each item is priced to sell, typically less than whatever the box (if any still exists), said the retail purchase price was.  If you are a collector and think something is worth more than I'm selling it for,'ve just scored a bargain!